Valentine’s Day in Times of Polarization

  • Political polarization in the US and UK is more intense now than at any point in modern history
  • 76% of potential daters would prefer a serious relationship with someone holding the same political position. In the US and UK, that number is higher: 81% and 78% respectively

In an era marked by deepening social and political divides, Valentine’s Day, a celebration traditionally associated with love and unity, takes on a new dimension. This festivity, rooted in the Roman festival of Lupercalia and the legend of Saint Valentine, has evolved over centuries into a global symbol of romance and affection. However, in today’s polarized society, the quest for love often intersects with the complexities of ideological differences, making the journey to find a partner who shares one’s values increasingly challenging.

Recent studies have shown that political and social polarization can significantly impact personal relationships. A 2019 study by the Pew Research Center revealed that political polarization in the United States is more intense now than at any point in modern history. This divide extends beyond the realm of politics, influencing social interactions and personal relationships.

Lefty caters to this necessity. “In these divided times, how can you date someone who doesn’t share the values that are so dear to you?” asks Alex Felipelli, the founder of Lefty. The app aims to answer this question by connecting individuals who not only seek a partner but also share a progressive outlook on crucial issues. Demand for the app is already proving high, with new research from Lefty showing that 76% of potential daters would prefer a serious relationship with someone holding the same political position.*

However, in the US and UK, the polarization is even more acute, with 81% and 78% of survey respondents preferring to have a serious relationship with someone with the same political position respectively.

Lefty is more than just a dating app; it is a response to the current political and social climate, providing a haven for progressive singles. On top of the progressive communication and the people one can expect to meet, Lefty differentiates itself with several features tailored to a progressive audience which include:

  • Lefty welcomes all sexual orientations and gender identities 
  • In your profile, you can define if you do or have done activism
  • You can further describe your political position

“When partners disagree on fundamental beliefs, such as views on reproductive rights, social equality, women and LGBTQ+ rights and environmental sustainability, it can create deep rifts, leading to emotional strain and a sense of disconnection. These disagreements can challenge the foundation of mutual respect and understanding that healthy relationships are built upon, often leading to conflicts that are difficult to reconcile”

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Lefty offers a unique opportunity for singles to join a community where love is aligned with progressive ideals. The app is a space where discussions about climate change, social justice, and progressive politics are not just welcomed but are the foundation of every match.

“Finding love in a time of political polarization should not mean compromising on your core beliefs,” states Felipelli. “With Lefty, we’re thrilled to provide a platform where like-minded progressives can connect, share, and find love, especially in this election year where understanding and shared values are more important than ever.”

Lefty is now available for download on all major platforms, representing a new era for progressive singles to connect and find love in these divisive times.

For more information, visit www.leftyapp.com or contact us at [email protected].

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* Based on a global survey of 6275 respondents. 

About Lefty

Research shows that most people prefer to match with like-minded individuals. And Lefty was created to make it easier for these meetings to happen. The idea is to speed up the process and connect people who have similar ideas and values, such as:

  • Respect for diversity in gender identity, race and religion
  • Interest in different expressions of art and culture
  • Protection of the environment
  • Pursuit of social well-being and human rights

Life is too short to waste time with incompatible people and with thoughts that diverge so much from your own. Avoid the discomfort of relating to someone with ideals opposite to yours. Lefty is the right place to find your perfect progressive match.

Open up to meet some really interesting people, with whom you have a lot in common – starting with progressive political and social thinking. Further details: https://www.leftyapp.com/ 

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