About Lefty

There is no better way to begin a relationship than to already start it knowing that the other person thinks like you do, is there? You can share moments together and have a good time, knowing you agree on the values important to you, such as social welfare, respect for diversity and minorities, human rights, and sustainable development.

Relationships with people who think very differently from our political convictions tend to wear out over time. We believe that all this trouble can be avoided if we find a person who thinks like we do!

Research shows that most people prefer to match with like-minded people. And Lefty was created to make it easier for these meetings to happen. The idea is to speed up the process and connect people who have similar ideas and values.

Yes! Lefty is free to signup, Like, Match and Chat, in other words, you can find your liberal crush and chat for free!

Now, we need to keep constant investment in IT and marketing to bring more people to join and for that reason, we have some paid optionals: Lefty coins to send Super Likes, packages to see who liked you before the Match, no ads etc. But the core of the service is: two people like each other, get a Match and chat. And that’s all free!

Why do I have to pay to chat with other people?!

Well… you don’t have to! We work with a double opt-in environment where the person you liked has to like you back in order to start a chat. Sometimes it takes a while for two people to match. Meanwhile, relax, keep liking and update your profile and pictures to increase your chances.

Lefty uses a transparent algorithm to order people in the Home screen. The user can choose* among: Default (prioritizes people who have been recently online), Distance and New Users. On Lefty, you choose how to use the app, there are no hidden algorithms!

Now, depending on your location, interests and filters, if you always open the app from the same place, it may take a while until new people fitting your criteria will join. If that’s the case, you may want to open Lefty and go straight to ordering* by New Users, that way, you will see new people at the top and when you find someone you’ve already seen, you can stop scrolling. You may also want to either change your filters or hide some of the people you’ve already seen. Note that hiding doesn’t affect your possibility to Match with that person. It only removes them from the Home screen.

* You can change the order of users at the floating blue icon on the top-left corner

You can delete your account in the app at the Settings tab, Privacy button and Manage Account. Important: If you login with Facebook or Apple to test after deleting, the system won’t find your account and will create a new one.

Yes. We can put your account on Hibernate mode: you won’t be found on the app, receive notifications or emails from us and won’t be able to login until you request to “wake up”. If you do decide to come back, the likes you received and all your data will still be there.

The chat or Super Like will disappear if the person deletes their profile or if our scammer detection system deletes them.

About your account

We have recently launched our fraud detection system 2.0, so you should be seeing less fake profiles or scammers. It will continue to be improved with time, since these profiles try to adapt and join the app, but we’re constantly working to make Lefty safer. If you still see any suspicious profiles, please do not hesitate to report them using the menu on the upper right corner of their profile. Help us keep Lefty beautiful!

About subscriptions and other paid features

Lefty Premium allows you to use Lefty ad free, see people who liked your profile without having a match, unlimited Teleportation use, 3 monthly coins and the ability to see if your chat messages have been read. We offer them in different packages for you to subscribe from 1 month to 1 year. It’s important to remember that they are autorenewed subscriptions, which means it has to be cancelled if you don’t wish to keep the subscription.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, directly with either Google Play or with Apple’s app store.

After you cancel, you will still be able to use the functionality for the rest of the period you paid for and, after that, you can continue using Lefty for free. Hopefully you can get your Match, with or without the subscription.

Coins are the in-app currency used to send Super Likes. They cannot be exchanged for different paid features.

Please, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you with whatever you need. You may also want to have a look at our User Manual.

People from different countries offered to help and we are really grateful! Here’s how you can help:

a) The easiest way is, if you enjoy the app, simply give us a nice rate on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. From your smartphone or tablet, click this link: www.leftyapp.com/install for quick access.

b) Tell your liberal friends about the app. You can also earn coins by doing so.

c) Be a local community leader, help us by spreading the word in a specific city or country.

d) Help us translate the app and content into local languages.

e) If you see a bug or an opportunity for improvement, let us know!

Just drop us an email on [email protected]