A Lefty Match That Defied Borders – Dating for Leftists

A relationship between progressives that was born on Lefty, dating for leftists!

Lefty was created with the intention of uniting people with similar political ideals and values, and we’re always delighted to hear success stories! Today, we want to tell you a story that started on Lefty and defied a distance of more than three hundred miles so that this couple could meet and start a journey together.

“On the 26th of December (almost the 27th), Lefty’s algorithm nailed it and showed us each other, a perfect match between a mineiro (from Minas Gerais) and a paulista (from São Paulo), a match so perfect that not even the three hundred mile distance was a problem. On our first interaction, we talked about what we expected from Lula’s inauguration, and we quickly realized that we would have many heated political debates. After many conversations we were already a priority for each other, and since then we haven’t gone a day without talking. Even so, we only had our first date 4 months later, on the 29th of April, and then we were even more sure that we wanted each other’s company for a long time. We started dating on the second date, June 9, and as emotional as we are, we met each other’s families on that same day. Each day we’re more in love with each other, with our discussions, with our companionship and we’re sure it will be like that forever!”

At Lefty, we are very happy to have contributed to this encounter! We hope that this and other beautiful stories inspire other users to believe in the power of connection through political affinities.

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